Saturday, 19 October 2013

Handle with Care - by Pam Shand

“I don’t usually do this.”


“Go for a drink after work.”

Her podgy hand encased his and she licked her lips.  Robert smiled revealing a row of perfect teeth then ran a finger along her bare arm and watched her shiver.   Her skin was soft, delicate, would slice like butter, he thought.

Leaning back in his chair he appraised her size trying to calculate her weight.   He thought of the duct tape in the glove compartment of his car.  He would use wire this time, as rope would damage the skin, altering the price.    

“You’re staring.”

“You are just perfect.”

She blushed.   Poor cow, it was obvious no one had charmed her like this for years if ever.   Sipping at her drink, he cursed her slowness; the Ketamine would take longer to work if she carried on like this.  He reminded himself that he liked a challenge and her dullness would work to his advantage once he had her alone.  

“I’ve wanted to ask you out for ages.”


“Yes all those made up sluts at work, you shine beside them Sally.”

Her face glowed at the compliment.   Robert took her hands in his and smiled.   Take it slow, don’t fright her, she wants Mr Darcy not Jack the Ripper. 

“Why don’t we make an evening of it?”

The hesitating silence seemed to last forever, and then she nodded her head.  He leaned in for the kill.
“Drink up.”

By the time they were at the car, she was gasping for air and she swayed into his arms.  He almost buckled under the weight.  She was a big girl. Robert chuckled, hands grasping, pulling her close.  She smelt of a cheap perfume, probably something by Avon, Occur; his mother had worn that.   Working on the car door behind her they wrestled in a lovers lock, and Sally giggled.   Sweat soaked his shirt and the click of the mechanism was sweet to his ears.  

Pouring her into the car he struggled with the seatbelt and only relaxed once she was buckled in and he driving away.   She gave him a sleepy smile.

“I’m not used to wine I think I might be drunk.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take you for a coffee.”

She closed her eyes, trusting.  Now free at last he drove with mounting excitement.  He glanced across to see her head lolling, she would be snoring soon.   Reaching across he pushed her skirt up her thigh caressing her without resistance.   Mouth dry he already imagined her tied and helpless and all the fun ahead.   He checked the time.  He always preferred to give himself lots of leeway before Jarvis arrived.   It had worked out rather well.   There was always a need for organs, and skin.  He was doing his bit for science. 

He suspected that Jarvis knew that he had his percentage before collection; the marks on the last one had been a mistake.   

This time however he had thought of everything.

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